Gus Hansen won an epic 2,146 hand yesterday where he played $200/$400 PLO, 500 dollars / 1000 dollars Seven-Card Stud and $1000/$2000 HORSE. Find more poker info: Finding free poker tournaments Free poker games for beginners Free poker no download Playing poker for free online Where to play free poker online Biggest poker losers online The Great Dane has just as before silenced critics by another successful play last night taking nearly six hundred thousand dollars. Gus Hansen has now earned $1.2 million over the past couple of weeks and he's getting closer to getting the same level where he started shortly after being down $3.6 million in the beginning of the year. The majority of the session, however, was in fact played in heads-up 500 dollar / 1000 dollar PLO against recent internet upstart Luukie21. Heading into the session Luukie21 was riding a serious hot streak which got him 200,000 dollars in the last week. All this reached a clash between the two yesterday evening when Hansen owned Luukie21 for an striking $595,000. The Great Dane shortly after gave away a small chunk of his winnings to some of the different high stakes online players but he nevertheless ended up with an added $582k in his bankroll. Meanwhile Luukie21 worked to clear off his shortage and in fact finished down only 480,000 dollars but nonetheless an awful day for the mysterious online gambler. The Great Dane is only down $2.4 million right now. Itís worth practically nothing that Townsend currently is actively playing using his sbruby alias and that account is down $1,500,000, which means his exact losses are nearer to 3.5 million dollars. With his huge win yesterday evening Hansen is officially no longer the main loser of the year 2010. That dubious recognition goes in his place to Brian Townsend who is at the moment down 2.5 million dollars. Number one losers were Arbianight (-$160k), DrugsOrMe with a deficit of $103,000, harrington25 (-$55k) and howitfeelslike with a deficit of $24,000.